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Rachel - (www)
Posted: 2:10pm 03/03/19

My tattoos created by Isaac are amazing!!!! I love them. Thank you Isaac! If you are looking for a tattoo artist.... hes your guy!

James G - (www)
Posted: 6:24pm 04/18/18

Got my first tattoo last week by Issac. The experience was great and the professionalism was even better. Bravo to Issac and all those at AcesHigh

Alicia Matthew - Florida (www)
Posted: 2:47pm 08/28/17

Thanks For This

Cat Guthrie - Lucedale, Ms (www)
Posted: 2:57am 08/02/16

thanks for the card. love your work.

Heather - Royal Palm Beach (www)
Posted: 8:34am 04/22/13

The start of my quarter sleeve is looking amazing! cant wait to finish in a few weeks! Thank you soooo much!!! :)

Chris - Barstow, CA (www)
Posted: 4:15pm 06/11/12

Truly amazing art! It seems there is no limit to your ability. Keep up the awesome work.

William Platt - USA (www)
Posted: 5:53pm 05/05/11

I have a home in Coconut Creek and Boston Ma.Great work !!! Peace,WJP

Erica Escalada - Royal Palm Beach (www)
Posted: 11:56am 05/05/11

When I decide to get my first tattoo, it's definitely going to be with you! I admire all of your color work, and you eye for detail. I have researched many people and you have been my favorite, by far. Keep up the awesome job!

Ed "Nighthawk" Lattari - (www)
Posted: 11:07am 04/28/11

Thanks again for the awesome sleeves and chest pieces. As well as the many years of friendship. Your art helps define who I am.

Ajay Verzillo - West Palm Beach, FL (www) (aim)
Posted: 2:14pm 04/22/11

Amazing Artist, got a nice piece on my bicep, plan to return for some more pain asap! LOL Thanks!

Jules Johnston - United States of America
Posted: 5:42pm 03/08/11

Amazing work!

Sylvie - (www)
Posted: 12:14pm 07/27/10

Hey, Isaac.

Love your work. I wanted to stop by the shop tomorrow after 6pm and show you some pics of a tattoo that I have in mind for my lower back. Hope you'll be available and around.

Nancie Briggs - Jupiter (www)
Posted: 1:06pm 04/13/10

Wat s up? Hope ure havin gd. time outa town. Wanted 2 c if u had availability on Saturday, April 24th?? Let me know... c u soon!

Brian Sakowski - PSL (www)
Posted: 5:01pm 03/13/10


Cynthia Bohannon - Mobile, AL (www)
Posted: 1:00pm 11/18/09

Wat up Issac? Jus droppin in to say hey. Love all the tats! Keep it real!

Leah - Wellington, FL (www) (aim)
Posted: 10:36pm 11/01/09

Hey man. Came to check out the site, rad stuff. Think I'm going to come to you with that Lamb of God tattoo at some point. :-) Tatt healed nicely, thanks!

Tracy Monaco - CT (www)
Posted: 11:19am 09/30/09

Can't wait for your trip up to CT in November.

isaac a davis - (www)
Posted: 7:19pm 09/01/09

hay looking around did a search on i thought was my name and found u i also draw and try 2 ink i think i suck at it but they always come back don't email just my psp 2 brosew with i thou it was cool 2 find another isaac into the same stuff

Andrew - Dallas (www)
Posted: 4:29pm 08/11/09

You GPK work is amazing! If you are ever doing a tattoo con in the Dallas area I'd get a GPK tat in a heatbeat

Nyree - (www)
Posted: 1:26am 06/13/09

All the new stuff is AMAZING!!! I've got a serious craving for some serious tattooing!!!

Kriss - WPB (www)
Posted: 1:05pm 05/24/09

Got another piece done by Isaac,all I have to say is Awesome work and I will be back soon.

Caela - Clewiston, FL (www) (aim)
Posted: 8:09pm 05/20/09

I absolutely love my first tattoo. I can't wait to come back for the rest of them!

Dena Davis - Lake Park (www)
Posted: 5:04pm 05/01/09

I take credit for being the Super MOM. Leading you down the twisted path of life. Glad your okay.

Erin Flaherty - Lake Park (www)
Posted: 9:31am 04/30/09

Nice site, I am in the process of building my own. Lots to do

Pat Williams - usa (www) (aim)
Posted: 12:49am 03/31/09

cool site

Big Bob - Loxahatchee, FL (www)
Posted: 4:23pm 01/19/09

Isaac I can't say anymore how amazed I am for that Great piece you did on my forearm at the Miami show!We have much work ahead my friend!

me - FL (www)
Posted: 4:40pm 04/14/08

hi there

Ed Weigel - P.S.L., FlORIDA (www)
Posted: 8:47pm 04/12/08

Isaac, I just wanted to thank you again for the amasing tribute to my DAD

John C Davis - (www)
Posted: 1:37pm 03/02/08

Dad of Dude.Great work Zak

Clint Davis - Mobile, Al. (www)
Posted: 3:19pm 12/02/07

You're quite talented Isaac!

Julee Miller - Upstate New York (www)
Posted: 12:43pm 11/13/07

Absolutely stunning work! Gorgeous. You must let me know when you're up this way - it's definitely time for me to get a tattoo!!!

Nyree - Lovely New England, CT (www)
Posted: 12:12pm 08/19/07

The site looks amazing! Your work is amazing as well. We expect no less! Congradulations on the new trophies!!! We're very proud of you!! x's & o's
Ariel & Nyree

Pat Ward - West Palm Beach (www)
Posted: 8:53am 08/05/07

Great site Isaac, many thanks again for the awesome cover up work.
"You Da Man" for sure

Donald Davis - Whidbey Island, Washington (www)
Posted: 3:31pm 07/13/07

Sweet site bro. dig what you did with the place. keep on pressin on and all the jazz.

Nighthawk - (www)
Posted: 6:36pm 06/27/07

Stopped in to check out the site. Thanks for all the awesome artwork, not a day goes by without someone asking who did it.

alex rockoff - gainesville-palmbeach
Posted: 2:11pm 06/25/07

i never looked at a mirror and thought to myself.. what would life be like if i had a problem

mike brown - delaware (www)
Posted: 8:42am 05/24/07

lookin good.
p.s. my boss got phantom bit the other day lol.

richard grinnan - west palm beach, florida (www)
Posted: 8:31pm 05/19/07

isaac, you rule the scene I love the new page I cant wait to get some more work done...see you soon bro!

Janine - (www)
Posted: 7:05am 05/12/07

Great place. Now can I post the blood from Ireland for the oath??
The best of luck from this side of the pond :)

Jason Bradshaw - Santa Barbara, CA (www)
Posted: 11:18pm 05/11/07

Looks FANTASTIC. Keep it up homie.

Ben Baum - (www)
Posted: 5:20pm 05/11/07

Looks good man. I will be back for more work!!

Ben "The Hebrew Hammer" Stark - Tamarac, Fl (www)
Posted: 10:00am 05/10/07

Site looks awesome!!

Dena Davis - (www)
Posted: 7:53am 05/10/07

Mother of Isaac. Greatest Fan

Arielle Erickson - West Palm Beach, FL (www)
Posted: 7:41am 05/10/07

Congratulations on the site being up and running!! Happy Valentine's Day, Isaac. I love you so much and am so proud of you!!

ulises roine - house (www)
Posted: 7:04am 05/10/07

thanks again for the sphinx isaac.